Our Story

Blessed Assurance

As Christians we know that we have been adopted into God’s family. We are chosen and we are loved. Not because of anything good we have done, but because of what Christ¬†Jesus has done. Therefore we can’t be unchosen or unloved because of anything bad we’ve done.

This knowledge has shaped our marriage – 5 years ago we promised to love one another for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Love is a choice, a promise, not a feeling. Marriage hasn’t always been easy, we’ve already had our share of better and worse, of richer and poorer, of sickness and health.

Marriage won’t always be easy, but it will always be.

We’ve experienced such blessed assurance through our adoption in Christ and through our marriage covenant. And so adopting has always been Plan A. We know it won’t be easy – being parents isn’t easy!¬†And parenting children who have been hurt brings it’s own challenges as well. But through each one we get to show our children that we’re not going anywhere. They are chosen. They are loved. Because we promised.

And a promise is worth more than a feeling.