Why being a Mum is like being on the West End…

From a very young age I’ve always had a strong sense that I was made for the stage. Ever since first watching Mary Poppins, Calamity Jane and The Sound of Music, I’ve dreamt of being in musicals. The trouble is I can’t sing, or dance. Or act. I hate public speaking…

It’s kind of like my genetics and my destiny forgot to communicate…

Anyhoo, being a mum is much more fun! And here are some of the ways that being a mum is very much like being in a musical:

  • We now constantly narrate what we are doing in song. Whether it’s eating bananas, walking round the shops, having a shower… somehow the moment we got children we had a song for every occasion!
  • It’s OK to spontaneously sing in public. And we do. A lot. In the supermarket, in the park, in a queue. Singing is a great distraction. Spider-Man, Christmas songs, old hymns, Madness. You name it, we sing it.
  • Dancing too. That is not only acceptable, it’s also sometimes necessary.
  • Whatever I do, I have an audience. Showering, weeing, making a cup of tea, sorting the recycling. There are always eyes on me. And they are always waiting to be entertained.
  • Life is a lot more dramatic. whether we’re buying milk, posting a letter, brushing teeth… there is drama to be found and exploited. Raining? Not raining? Too tired? Too hungry? Back to front undies? We never miss an opportunity to be dramatic.
  • Wherever I go, people scream my name. Granted, it’s always the same two people. And yes, it’s not quite screaming fans, but still…

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